NWSL: Ranking The Logos

Now that all eight of the NWSL teams finally have names I figured it would be fun to do a post ranking the logo’s of the teams.  I’ll start with the worst one and work my way up to my number one logo.

FC Kansas City Head Coach: Vlatko Andonovski Owner: Chris Likens

FC Kansas City
Head Coach: Vlatko Andonovski
Owner: Chris Likens

8. FC Kansas City – Last place in the NWSL logo rankings has to go to FC Kansas City.  Bear in mind that FC Kansas City was not involved in WUSA or WPS and had a clean slate when it came to logo creation.  Sadly things didn’t go as well as they could have.  The shape is nice but ruined by the FC and player silhouette in the top corners.  Add in the ribbon going across the crest and in my humble opinion its kind of disastrous.  Also bringing the logo down is the color scheme. Imagining that on a jersey just isn’t appealing.  Personally, I am seriously hoping that FC Kansas City rethinks its logo after their first season in the NWSL.


Western New York Flash
Head Coach: Aaron Lines
Owner: Joe Sahlen

7. Western New York Flash –  The flash have been champions three years in a row in three different leagues.  Sadly for them they are not champion of my logo rankings.  I understand that they’ve had this logo for a while now but still. Why not start off in the new league with brand new shiny logo.  I’m quite confident that it could only improve.  I also have to wonder if they will be keeping their three stars under the crest in the new league.  I would certainly hope not.  What puts it above Kansas City is that the flash have a pretty solid color scheme that is going to allow a pretty solid kit.  However, a logo that is stretched a bit too long and has some Western New York in a rather unflattering font, lands Western New York Flash in 7th place on my list.


Sky Blue FC
Head Coach: Jim Gabarra
Owner: Philip D. Murphy

6. Sky Blue FC – Honestly Sky Blue and the Flash could have easily been flopped in these rankings.  Both of them really aren’t the most wonderful of crests.  The Sky Blue crest looks almost nothing like one.  If it wasn’t for the star above the crest and the FC in the team’s name I would probably assume this was some sort of insurance company.  I attribute most of the problem to the strange shape of the crest.  I understand going for something different to help the club stand out from the crowd, but it almost looks like a cat’s head.  Once again the team’s saving grace is their color scheme.  Considering Nike and not Puma are in charge of equipment for the league the kits should look great, and Sky Blue’s color scheme is only going to help.


Washington Spirit
Head Coach: Mike Jorden
Owner: Bill Lynch

5. Washington Spirit – While its sad that the Washington Freedom will not be making their triumphant return to women’s soccer due to naming rights, its still great to see a team in back in DC.  Initially I was going to rank their logo much lower, but the longer I looked at it the more I liked it.  Sure the patriotism is a bit over the top but for a team named the Spirit located in DC why not.  It should be interesting to see how the jerseys come out, but I have faith that Nike will figure something out.  My only other issues with the crest are the weird font DC is in.  It looks like two backwards Cs instead.  The soccer ball on the bottom is a bit unnecessary but all in all its not to shabby.  DC went a bit risky with this over the top crest, but I think this gutsy move worked in their favor.


Chicago Red Stars
Head Coach: Rory Dames
Owner: Arnim Whisler

4. Chicago Red Stars – I’m not entirely sold on the idea of a square crest but the Red Stars have certainly swayed me in its favor.  The crest is relatively simple with but still pretty eye catching with the ever so apt red stars across the middle.  Its also a nice chance of pace from a ribbon or some other kind of line splitting down the middle of the crest.  The team name at the top of the crest is also nice to see as opposed to other teams that just place it smack dab in the middle of the crest.  Chicago follows the eye’s progression, top to bottom.  Its a different kind of quality in a crest but its one I like.  Of course we all remember the tragedy that was the Red Stars’ jerseys from a year ago, but with Chicago safely in Nike’s guiding hands I don’t think that is an issue we will be seeing again.


Boston Breakers
Head Coach: Lisa Cole
Owner: Michael Stoller

3. Boston Breakers – While I’m not 100% sure (I’m about 90% sure) what a Breaker is I’m a huge fan of their crest.  The soccer ball is a bit awkward and kind of squished in there but I think its necessary to break up the mass amount of blue on the crest.  I think the way Breakers is over the crest is fantastic, and its another interesting way to split up the crest, once again as opposed the ribbon effect.  Its a simple but classic color scheme by the team and even Puma made a solid jersey from it.  That being said I can’t wait to see what Nike has in mind.


Portland Thorns
Head Coach: Cindy Parlow Cone
Owner: Merritt Paulson

2. Portland Thorns – As one of the brand new teams introduced to the NWSL the Portland Thorns have done nothing but impress.  The circular crest is definitely different, and Portland did it very well.  The way the thorns surround the rose in the middle is great, especially in the Rose City.  I particularly like the font used on the crest as well as the way FC was put into the stars on the side to seperate the location from the team name.  Really I can’t find anything wrong with this crest. As far as the color scheme goes, its a great one.  I’m really hoping that Nike gives the Thorns a black jersey with some green tint. They also have the option to add in some red on the jerseys as well.

Seattle Reign
Head Coach: N/A
Owner: Bill Predmore

1. Seattle Reign – Now I think I understand why Seattle took so long to reveal its name and logo, they wanted it to be better than Portland’s, which is no small task.  However Seattle Reign did just that.  The shape of the crest is great and the way the crown expands out of the limits of the crest is amazing.  The color scheme is nothing short of spectacular and the font used on the logo fits in well with the shapes used on the crest.  I cannot think of a single thing I would have done differently.  However the Reign did more than just this.  They also released a second logo with just text, which is equally as well done.  Impressive stuff from the first year team.


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